Evan Arnold is one of the best balding actors of his generation and always shows up to set on time. 

You can view his credits at imdb.com. Some recent work includes Mad Men, Aquarius and Masters of Sex. He is also well known for his Recurring Role as Ned on The West Wing.

Evan can cry on cue and likes to drop his pants and stick out his stomach. 

He has worked extensively with the Buffalo Nights and Troubadour theater companies.

A graduate of Harvard School (for boys only) and U.C. Berkeley (B.A. Economics), Evan resides in Los Angeles, where he grew up.

His father was a DGA Award-Winning 1st Assistant Director for feature films and his mother was a prolific Los Angeles Theater producer.

Evan is disturbingly fascinated by chickens. He is trying to learn Spanish, but is very slow, as he spends most of his time looking in the mirror.

Favorite Websites:

DefinitionActor.com - the premier fake commercial acting class.